Monday, 8 October 2012


I've said before, once or twice, that
I think the word 'humbling' is not the right one to use when you are talking about how grateful you feel that you have been honoured for something (not that I've had any experience of that sort of thing, I'm sad to admit [and that situation is truly humbling]).

Anyway, I'm glad to see that someone else also regards 'humbling' as a tiny bit bogus. In one of the weekend papers, the writer of a profile about one of the main actors in Homeland couldn't resist a little dig at him for employing the usage:


  1. I love Homeland (or as they say these days, I'm loving Homeland) and I'll forgive Damian Lewis as he does such a good American accent.

    1. He'll probably be humbled to hear that. I've not seen Homeland yet so cannot be as magnanimous as you - by the way, how do you manage to italicise in a comment? I can't seem to do it.

  2. Put an i between the < and > symbols at the beginning of the word, then a /i between the < and > symbols to go back to normal.