Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Inscrutable Mandarin

I could bang on about how much I hate the stickers they put
on fruit these days - they never did it when I was little and no-one seemed to miss the things  - but I won't, because complaining is never attractive, is it? Instead, let me present a sticker that almost makes the existence of stickers worthwhile. I found it on a mandarin I was peeling this morning. I can't tell whether the mandarin was grown by people who are a little behind the times or by an LGBT collective, eager to, discreetly, further the cause of gay marriage. If the latter, I tip my hat to them - this is the most polite, unconfronting piece of politics I've ever come across:
Could anyone's heart not melt when confronted with that cheery little smiling face?


  1. Subtle. I wonder if the LGBT collective is located in Pakistan. No, that would be too much.

  2. I just want to join you in expressing my loathing for stickers on fruit, particularly those I eat the skin of. When you've got only one hand fully functioning, try peeling off one of those little motherstickers. And then try getting it off your finger.

    If they said, "This is 100% Australian fruit and you may execute any [the relevant chain store] executive if I'm lying" I'd gladly put up with them.

    1. They might have to be quite large little motherstickers - you'd certainly have to say goodbye to that grinning, leaf-topped face.

  3. oranges are not the only fruit...